Friday, May 4, 2012

King Brothers

Which one should I play next?

Jasper [blue] or Seth [green]
Jasper King 
Eyes- Hazel-hint of green
Hair-Light brown
Traits- Adventurous, love outdoors,Music,Good sense of humor
Likes- Egypian,Ratatouii,Black
LTW- Acorbat

Seth King
Eyes- Blue
Hair-Dark brown
Traits- Music, Genius, Photographer's eye, Family
Sign- Pisces
Likes- Chinese.Goopy, White
LTW- Music Composer

[i want to try and play a male sims this time im always picking the female.]
and where should the move too [the whole family]

Hiddensprings- i like this town only because of the nautre look
Appleplaines,- horses for my sims
Starlightshores- they can do their careers here
Riverview- somewhat decent looking sims [betty, etc]
Brigdeport- not a big fan because of the celeberty status and parpperzzis
barnclebay- i just got this world
or luna lakes- same with riverview somewhat decent looking sims.

BUT if i dont find any good decent sim in anyof these world YOU may submit some :)
[CC-skin free]

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